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About Logwhisperer - it's time to listen...
What's a successful build-out without an interesting beginning? And, as you can already guess, it begins in our nation's forests. We've been researching for years and the truth is about to hurt.

What you might not know is that our forests, especially in the Northwest and 
Western United States and Canada. The upside is, if we can call it that, there exists 
a nearly unlimited supply of carbon-sequestering, dead standing trees (read: logs). 
If we leave them to rot down in the forest, the carbon dioxide (CO2) will be released in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. If we build wooden structures we all win! 

Considerable research has shown that a solid wood wall is an extraordinary insulator and allows your exterior walls to "breathe" -- balancing the relative humidity and naturally filtering your indoor air.
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What you don't know about log homes and wooden house living... 

OOhh! The lies!

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